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Oct 31, 2018

Thorsten Ries is a Marie Sklodowska Curie program fellow at the Sussex Humanities Lab / HAHP at the University of Sussex, UK, and a senior postdoctoral researcher (FWO) at the Institute of Modern German Literature at Ghent University, Belgium.

His main research interests are German literature of the 18th and 20th-21st century (Thomas Kling, Gottfried Benn, Friedrich Hölderlin,
Michael Speier, Marcel Beyer, Friedrich Kittler and others), theory,
methodology and practice of scholarly editing, genetic criticism and
textual criticism, digital humanities, literary theory, methodology and
discipline history of the "Germanistik". At the moment, he is working
with English literary and historical born-digital archives at the BL
and The Keep, University of Sussex.

He is especially interested in born-digital philology, digital
forensics and preservation of personal digital archives. Born-digital
archives allow us to study digital history, literary and historical,
they are in many ways an expression of our present day history – and
literary history, its digital ways of text production. Learning to
preserve and analyse these digital archives as the material historical
record of our day is of highest importance for future generations of
researchers in the historical humanites.

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